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Hello and welcome to HOW Elementary.  I’m Tracy Smith, your new counselor, and super excited to meet everyone and start the year.  Mrs. Stanley is glad to be returning and working with her students at HOW. Below you’ll find a basic outline of what events and guidance lessons are up and coming.  We hit the ground running, and both September and October are busy and will be here before you know it.  


August 12: Meet the Teacher 4 - 6

August 14: 1st Day of School

September 23 - 27: Start with Hello (acceptance lessons)

October 7 - 11: Fire Prevention Week

October 14 - 18: Stomp Out Bullying (bullying prevention lessons)

October 28 - November 1: Red Ribbon Week (drug/alcohol prevention lessons)

  • Red Ribbon Week is just around the corner, and we have some fun, unique dress up days.  
    • Monday: 

Every 6 weeks, we will go into each classroom and teach character building lessons and activities.  Throughout the year, we will meet with students in the classroom setting for guidance lessons, small groups for specific areas of need, and individually to provide more specific support.  Mrs. Stanley and I will use a variety of programs to teach skills for social and academic success.    


Parents and guardians, you can always reach Ms. Smith at either or 254-729-4177 and Mrs. Stanley at or 254-729-4611 to discuss any needs or concerns regarding your student’s academics, behavior, social/emotional growth, etc.  The counseling team is here to work with you, your child, the teachers, and administrators so your student has a successful year ahead.  


****  I have been out so far this year with surgery complications.  I can’t wait to return and meet everyone. If you need anything in the meantime, please contact Mrs. Stanley.  Thank you, Miss Smith